Better Business Stories Worth Telling

About Me: My Path to Why

For me, fueling audience emotions and business engagement through authentic, meaningful content is my path of professional calling. It’s a path that I have been on long before I was aware, before I sought further knowledge, or while employed in early career positions. It’s a path that was meant to be, as interests, actions, and natural talents aligned to enable me to view and manipulate content from a creative, marketing, audience empowering perspective.

Over the Years: My business communications and audience lead pathway in brief:

• At eighteen, it began with the purchase of a paperback book entitled, ’How to Start Your Own Business.’

• Employment in a camera store provided deep experiences and a talent for immersive photography

• Path intervention during my sophomore year of college ignited the marketing flame [Major: Marketing, Minor: Computer Science]

• B2C entrepreneur executing competitive market positioning, communications and responsive customer service

• Written and visual storyteller as a B2B magazine publisher and B2C event host

• B2C digital content craftsmen producing original social media communications

• B2B communication task support, allowing management and teams to focus on and fulfill other activities

My interest in sharing this is to lightly outline a view of my career path, noting the augmented experiences that contributed to my professional calling. I’m also hoping you’ll feel a sense of shared business camaraderie and like mindedness in competitive distinction and communicating customer value. Everyday stories and communications just don’t capture those rich, audience enticing elements that are the base to every great organization and business – like yours! In the majority of cases, there are better, more empowering business stories to be told. Uncovering fresh communication opportunities through my unique approach offers a pathway.

Begin telling a better business story… TODAY! Allow me show you how.

Brett B.